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Focus - Steel Trading

Letter from the President


SPECTRA Resources Corporation has the capabilities to bring value to your company through its product and service offerings and its experience within the industry. We are your full-service import, export and off shore steel trade solution. Our products are of the highest quality and very competitively priced.

SPECTRA Resources was established in 2002 through the loyal support and friendship of key suppliers and vendors. Our management has more than thirty-five years of steel and other product trading experience. We have taken selected best practices from our prior trading careers and applied them to our business in an efficient and very competitive manner to best serve our trading partners. We pride ourselves in taking a highly professional and responsive, yet very friendly approach to any business opportunity.

SPECTRA Resources’ headquarters is located just outside of Los Angeles and has a second office near to New York City in West New York and an affiliated office in Austin, Texas. We offer timely delivery and stand behind our materials and if there are problems along the way, we take responsibility and always ensure that buyers and sellers are protected.

SPECTRA Resources focuses on tier one, high quality steel suppliers. The steel mills we use have competent reputations for supplying quality steel around the world, and according to your individual specific needs for chemistry, mechanical properties and dimensional tolerances. We also focus on steel suppliers who exhibit market competitiveness and delivery execution as a core function. All of our steel suppliers are long term trading partners through whom relationships have been proven out over decades of experience. SPECTRA Resources has long-standing international relationships with steel mills throughout the world including Europe in the countries of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain and Italy; South America, including Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil; and most notably in Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Australia and The Philippines.

SPECTRA Resources is especially knowledgeable and a specialized focus in the metal building industry. This does not limit our capabilities but expands it and sets us apart from the competition.

As a well-established company and known throughout the industry, we take pride in our reliability, integrity and diverse capabilities. You can count on SPECTRA to be your sole source for steel trading.


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